A cousin got married a few months back. Glad to be able to celebrate life with them.

My best friend on a day off. Shut the windows and bedroom door, hide the clock, place a bottle of water and perhaps a urinal beside the bed.

It was a great night of worship facilitated by @paulbaloche @michaelrossback @stugio and @carldrums2. Thank you all for coming to #Malaysia! #asiatour

Alhamdulillah! The brothers reunite.

A dear cousin just got married recently and I’m really happy for her.


Have you heard this yet?
Still available for what ever you want to pay here:
I’d love to hear what you think :)

(Photo reblogged from stugworld)

Here’s an idea of how small this baby is. #guitalele

Learning to focus not on myself.

While waiting for dinner to be served… (at PIGSFLY)

Thank you for allowing me to be nearly useless in the kitchen! Glad to have done my job at the table.

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